We got a new camera, YAY! Thanks to YouTube chatter GreenEyedGhost for hooking us up with a new camera to fix that hot garbage we had going on for the past month. Here are this week's topics on The After Buzz.

  • Why the YouTube stream isn't coming back, and the amount of money we pay just to play music on the air.
  • We got a visit from the Secret Service. Yes, the actual Secret Service.
  • I cover most of the major sports because this is the best sports time of the year. You have hockey and basketball underway. Football is about halfway through the season. And of course, you have the World Series.
  • I cover some Halloween topics.
  • And finally, I mention Loudwire Nights because well, I'm hosting a few times here towards the end of the October. Be sure to check out loudwire.com for all kinds of good stuff.

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