We had a bit of a different After Buzz this week, as Scott and I had to get to a meeting. So we did The After Buzz from the road. Because who wouldn't want to witness what it's like to ride with me and my road rage.

There was really only one topic I had to cover for this week's show, and that had to do with us doing replays on the Morning Show. Here's the brief break down as to why we do it.

The average listener doesn't listen to all 5 hours of the show. Most people listen in shorter increments. And we want to make sure we can get the most people to hear the best stuff on the show. If we have a visit from Nostradumbass, or play a game like Battle of the Generations, and this happens in the 6am hour, we want to make sure those of you that weren't able to tune in at 6am but might be listening at 8am get to hear it.


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