I apparently have a bigger problem with Kal Penn than I thought. But more about that in a bit. First, I talk about the garage sale I had last weekend. Which Nico really didn't want to talk about.

We also break down lyrics of songs that we think are different than what you might think. This conversation started before The After Buzz when I told Nico that Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire is about herpes.

We talk about Disasterpiece Theater a bit. If you don't know what that is, check out the video at the far bottom of the page. And we also talk about stereotypes, which leads to my rant about Kal Penn. Basically, I met the guy years ago and he was a douche in real life. But I'm not one to pass judgement after one meeting. Maybe he was having a bad day. What recently sent me over the edge was him talking about Apu from The Simpsons and how that's the reason he hates The Simpsons, because Apu is a stereotype. It's in this trailer:

So, Kal Penn hates Apu. Well, I wonder what Kal Penn thinks about his first big role as Taj, because, oh yeah, it was a stereotype!

Anyway, Kal Penn can suck it. And now, time for Disasterpiece Theater.

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