Ever since last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead people have been going nuts over this quirky little song that played while Daryl was being confined naked in his dark, dank cell and being fed dog food sandwiches by Dwight.

The song is "Easy Street" and it's not from the 1960s or 70's. Despite it's very retro vibe it was actually released this year by musician and songwriter Jim Bianco. Bianco is a highly regarded L.A. based musician but hardly a household name. That might change because of this.

The way Jim Bianco tells the story, TWD was having trouble finding many artists who wanted their song being used in a torture scene. So they used his song and now it's in the Top Ten on ITunes.

Some person much more creative than I took the song and turned it into a fake sitcom theme. It's actually a nice way to remember some of your favorite characters that have met their grisly fates on The Walking Dead.

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