Well the season premiere of The Walking Dead aired last night and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that pretty much pooped their pants at least twice while watching that disgrace of an episode.


Sadly the show missed an opportunity to win back a ton of viewers that were really done after last season but watched last night anyway cause….let’s face it…there was nothing else to watch on TV.  I happen to be one of those viewers.


I was done after last season, in face I only knew that the season premier was airing last night because Kitty mentioned it.  I figured “What the hell!”….something to tide me over until GOT starts back up in January.


Oh how I was wrong kids….so very wrong.  I can’t believe the same network that bleeps out curse words and won’t show nudity somehow had no problem allowing scenes of brain matter splayed across the ground and the atrocious scene of a character with his eye ball popped out of its socket while making a heart wrenching plea to his pregnant wife in front of their post-apocalyptic family that’s been together for longer than most relationships last.

I was appalled….I mean just disgusted completely with the way the show was done and am sad to say that that’s it for me.
As for me and my house we no longer watch The Walking Dead….sad day.

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