A Texas middle school student is in trouble after pranking his school by buying a stripper to perform during school hours.

According to CBS Austin, Round Rock Independent School District notified parents that there was a prank played on the school earlier last week when a stripper showed up at a middle school in Austin. The woman says she was paid perform her dancing services on Wednesday morning at an address. She says a person called her and paid with a credit card for her to show up and dance at an address and when she showed up- the address turned out to be Grisham Middle School in northwest Austin. When the dancer arrived and realized it was a school, she contacted the front office to report the prank. When they looked into the credit card information given to her, they realized a student at the school paid for the stripper's services with their parent's credit card, without their consent. The district notified parents that the stripper never went on school grounds and that the student has been identified and will be facing disciplinary action.

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