PornHub's female fanbase has been growing, and they want them to take care of themselves, even when they're surfing the crimson tide.

Back in 2017, we found out that PornHub's female viewership has been on the rise and that "Female-Friendly" videos have grown in popularity. Last year alone, the platform saw a staggering 1,400 percent increase in "women-friendly" searches. More women are embracing their sexual side through porn. PornHub realizes and recognizes this and wants more women to watch porn, even when they're on their period!

In their brand new "F*ck Your Period" campaign, PornHub wants women to embrace masturbation, even when they're surfing the crimson tide. The site wants women to realize how pleasuring themselves cam actually help ease their menstrual pains as well!

 This will give women access to PornHub's Premium service for the five days that women are on their period. The adult website says women have an increased sensitivity causing a more intense orgasm. Not to mention that rush of blood during your orgasm helps ease those terrible cramps.Even with all these amazing perks from pleasuring yourself, only about half of women say they will still get off during their period. So PornHub wants to change that.
According to PornHub's brand manager Alexandra Klein:
"We wanted to create a female-centric campaign championing the benefits of having a menstrual orgasm. Countless articles out there [support] menstrual orgasms’ benefits, but many focused only on the act of having sex with another person, which certainly isn’t always possible or desirable."

So if you want to take part in their access, just head to the F U Period website and enter your menstrual cycle details, and the site will automatically calculate when your next period will come. Then the next month you'll get you free five day access to PornHub Premium!

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