The Texas Rangers have announced that they have hired three-time World Series champion manager Bruce Bochy as their new skipper. As a Texas Rangers fan, I believe that today is a day we should remember.

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When Bochy retired in 2019, it was known around MLB circles that he would come out of retirement for the right team with the right situation. Bochy has said just that: he believes the Rangers are the right situation for him and said, “I can’t wait to get started.”

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers
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That excites this Texas Ranger fan big time. Why would a manager with three rings on his mantel come out of retirement to manage the Rangers? They’ve had six straight losing seasons!!! They’ve never won a title. Why? Why would he step back into the dugout?

Bochy stands 12th on the all-time career win list as a manager with just over 2,000 wins and three rings. He has nothing left to prove to anyone. Why here? Why now?

Here are some reasons I think he wants to be in Arlington right now.

This team is filled with offensive talent. The lineup is in hella good shape. I could go into a ton of stats to prove my point here, but my space is limited and there is something more important down below.

1. The bottom line is, as it sits right now, this offense has a chance to be more than enough with the talent in place. I am not saying they are perfect—they need some depth, need to improve fielding, need to stop beating ourselves, and need to be more consistent and disciplined at the plate—these are all things a guy like Bochy can fix quickly.

2. This one is short: Globe Life Field is amazing. What a nice place to go to work every day! This is a bigger deal than some might think.

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers
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3. The Rangers fan base wants a championship team and a championship culture. Bochy knows this. This season, over two million fans came through the gates to watch a team have their 6th straight losing season.

That attendance put them 18th out of 30 teams. The Rangers only had 200,000 fewer fans this season than the Phillies, who are in the NLCS!!! A guy with three rings would love to add to his legacy by taking THIS TEAM and THESE FANS to a title. You think he knows the Rangers are the only DFW team without a title in their franchise’s history?


Jon Daniels is not with the team anymore. Hallelujah. Chris Young, the new Executive VP, and General Manager is a former MLB pitcher (Young also played for Bochy in San Diego back in 2006).

I assure you that during the interview and meetings, Bochy’s first question was, “Are these owners ready to spend money on pitching?” There is ZERO CHANCE Bochy takes this job if Young did not guarantee him that the Rangers are going to be players in both free agency and the trade market.

To get Bochy, Young had to have sold him that the Rangers are committed to building a frontline pitching staff.  So you have a former solid MLB pitcher running the show in a park that is now 72 degrees and pitcher-friendly promising a 3 time World Series Champion manager that there is going to be a winning pitching staff put into place post haste? While I was not in the room, I guarantee that was the discussion or there is no Bruce Bochy coming out of retirement to manage this club.

While the 2022 season is not even fully in the books, as a Rangers fan, with the hiring of Bochy, 2023 cannot get here soon enough. Now we must sit back and enjoy watching as this team goes to work building the pitching staff of the future. It should be an epic offseason to watch.

Let’s go Rangers!!

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