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Some people pride themselves on being excellent spellers. Other's are just fine letting technology catch their misspelled words for them. I think most people have at least one word that no matter what, no matter how times they have been corrected, they still misspell.

It happens.

Recently, the website WordTips, set out to find which words are misspelled the most by country and state. I was surprised at the word Texans misspell the most. For those of us in Texas, the word 'Similar' is the most misspelled word.

So how did WordTips collect this information and settle on a word? According to, the site calculated the misspelling rates on Twitter.

In Texas, the word Texans misspell the most is "similar," according to the study, with a different word taking the top spot for each of the Lone Star neighbors, including "parliament" in New Mexico, "writing" in Oklahoma, "column" in Arkansas, and "kernel" in Louisiana.

"We identified the most uniquely popular misspellings in each state by comparing the misspelling rate of each word locally with the nationwide rate and picking the word that was proportionally highest in each area," read a portion of the report outlining the study's findings.

I've never had a problem spelling "similar", at least I don't think I have. There is one word that trips me up nearly every time. "Restaurant" is just one of those words that trip me up when writing, and I'm not sure why. I think it's because I want to put an "e" or some other letter in there. Who knows?

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The info is based on a survey conducted by QSR and Intouch Insight.

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