When a band announces a farewell tour, there is deserved skepticism. After all, some bands have done several farewell tours, only to return to the road at a later date.

Mötley Crüe went an extra step, signing a binding legal document preventing them from touring under the band’s name past the year 2015. After traversing the world one last time, the band wrapped things up with a show in their native Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve, 2015.

That memorable show is chronicled on Motley Crue - The End: Live in Los Angeles. It’s available in several different configurations including Blu-ray+CD, DVD+CD and digital formats. The visual elements of the show are outstanding with tons of pyro, lights and a couple of surprises.

The set includes 15 songs plus a drum solo with Tommy Lee playing while on his “Cruecifly” drum roller coaster. It’s quite impressive, especially after watching the interview that’s part of the bonus material where Lee explains the physical demands of playing strapped in and upside down.

There’s also a guitar solo from Mick Mars, who is one of rock's extremely underrated guitarists and in many ways was the glue that held Motley Crue together. Bassist Nikki Sixx gets in on the fun with a flamethrower bass that shoots fire 30 feet into the air. Along with the entertaining visuals, the band is a well-oiled machine, delivering songs old and new.

The setlist included their most iconic songs like “Girls Girls Girls,” “Looks That Kill,” “Dr. Feelgood” and “Kickstart My Heart.” “Kickstart” features Mars and singer Vince Neil on cherry pickers moving over the audience. Speaking of Neil, he hit most of the notes and kept the crowd engaged, affectionately addressing them as "motherf--kers" throughout the evening.

The show (and the band’s live career) wrapped up with “Home Sweet Home,” played on a small stage in the middle of the crowd. You could see the emotion on the band members’ faces, and Neil gave a thank you speech to the fans.

Motley Crue lived the rock 'n' roll lifestyle to the fullest, and their shows have always been spectacles. That was definitely the case during The End: Live in Los Angeles. But being their final show, there were many other emotions not usually on display during a Crue concert.

A great time was had by all, but feelings of nostalgia, sadness, appreciation and love were also part of the experience. After 35 years, if this indeed was the end, Motley Crue went out with a bang, which seems appropriate.

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