I guess he thought they would just ignore that big pile of meth in his car.

Not very often someone just turns themselves into the police, but that's what happened over in Harrison County, Texas yesterday afternoon. Pedro Serrano (not Pedro Cerrano from 'Major League) walked into the Harrison County Sheriff's Office.


It looks like Pedro had gotten himself into some hot water with a recent big purchase of meth. I guess he was failing to pay back his drug supplier and they were looking for Pedro. He had gotten a substantial amount from them of 825 grams. Depending on where you get your meth, the price fluctuates. On the cheap end, this was worth right around $17,000.

Looks like these guys wanted their money and Pedro did not have it. He fully admitted to the police that the meth was in his car in the parking lot. Police began asking about the drugs and Pedro began panicking, what did you think was going to happen man? He was placed into custody and police got a search warrant for the vehicle. Wouldn't you know it, big ole bag of meth inside.

“Law enforcement is a unique career, and every day is different, as this episode clearly shows," Sheriff BJ Fletcher said. "I am thankful these narcotics landed in our lap instead of the streets or lives of our community. Fortunately, none of my staff were injured during the struggle of trying to arrest this suspect.”

Pedro Serrano was officially charged with possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest.

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