So I’m reading the news today, which I rarely do, and I see a headline that makes me question my seemingly unattainable yet non-stop effort to reunite with my size 2’s from the days of yore…

Apparently the DEA says that Methamphetamine is the highest trafficked drug in the Basin right now, and I have to admit it made me wonder why I try so hard to loose nature’s way of keeping me warm in the winter via an extra, annoying, 5 ….or more pounds…. I mean thanks to the meth heads in our area there are hundreds of women in Midland/Odessa dropping those salads and picking up that full rack of ribs for a change!  The more meth everyone else does the prettier I get!

Seriously people, of all the drugs there are to choose from meth? Really?  Why not the one that makes you hungry…. Not that I would know, but I hear the most severe after effects of mar-a-ju-ana (and yes as I am typing it I am saying it out loud just as I have written it), are an empty refrigerator and a need for larger pants.

I don’t judge, cause that’s just not me and mostly because I have no place cause I’m one hot steamy mess….not sure if I’m using that phrase correctly….hot steamy mess….does that mean I’m hot and a mess or does that mean I’m a pile of fresh poop?......could go either way, ANYWAY as I was saying I don’t judge, but don’t you guys remember back in the day when we were kids and McGruff The Crime Dog would come to our school and show us that briefcase full of clearly labeled drugs, just in case we were on the fence about what cocaine looked like,  and then explained to us how drugs are for dummies?

What I’m trying to say is don’t we have enough problems as it is with traffic, construction, poor quality of service at every restaurant and retail location anywhere, too many people not enough housing, overpriced housing,

Alcohol related deaths and accidents,  and not near enough places to shop for cute clothes….that last one might have been just my problem ;-)    Let’s focus more on fixing what’s wrong with our home sweet home here in oil and gas county and less on doing drugs that make Tawny the Rock Chick (in comparison) way too hot for real life.  Just sayin