Apparently this guy couldn't wait until Black Friday. And I mean, REALLY couldn't wait because this happened back in January. A guy, looking like Marty McFly, walked into a Guitar Center in Fort Worth, TX, and walked out with a $1,700 Fender guitar. That statement by itself doesn't sound all the strange. The strange part is he stuffed the guitar down his pants and walked out with it.

The whole thing was caught on film. Police believe the man moved the guitar ahead of time to an area of the store where he could stuff it in his pants without being noticed. But, despite the whole thing being caught on tape, as of last check, the man still hasn't been caught.

Video courtesy of Inside FWPD.  I would say this guy has balls, but I'm not sure gigantic balls AND a guitar would fit down his pants. If you have any information on the suspect, please call 817-392-4616.

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