Linkin Park took home the award for Favorite Alternative Rock Artist this past weekend at the American Music Awards. But shortly after they accepted the award, they ran into some trouble.

They apparently were having some issues with their credentials. The whole situation played out on Mike Shinoda's Snaphat.

The footage showed the band receiving temporary badges. Then later it showed them pleading their case to security and a police officer at the venue who didn't know who they were. And it did not end well for the band as they were removed from the venue permanently.

Did the incident get the band down? Nope. They took it all in stride.

The band paid tribute to late lead singer Chester Bennington while accepting the award, with Shinoda saying:

“Remember, you guys — all of you, tonight — whether you’re a fan or an artist, I want you guys to take a moment to appreciate what you’ve got and make Chester proud. Thank you guys so much.”


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