The Georgia Dome in Atlanta was demolished Monday morning and The Weather Channel thought it would be an easy way to get some dramatic images (what it had to do with the weather is beyond me). The Georgia Dome isn't a particularly ancient structure, having been built only 25 years ago. However, it IS historic as it's the only building to have hosted a Super Bowl, a Final Four and the Olympics.

The camera guy is all set up and has a prime vantage point for bringing the implosion live to TWC's viewership (average age: 112). Just then, a MARTA bus pulls up.

"F###! Get out of the way, bus," the camera man is heard yelling.

The good people of Atlanta have long had a (mostly) love-affair with MARTA with many residents and visitors alike calling it "the best public transportation" in America. Something tells me this photographer is going to be carrying a MARTA-grudge for a least a while.

You have to admit, though, this bus has really good comedic timing. Implosion beat, two beats...bus pulls up and obstructs entire shot!

The funniest/most heartbreaking part? The moment the final piece of the Dome hits the ground, the bus drives right out of the shot. It was literally there exactly long enough to ruin this guy's shot.

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