Did you know that Texas has a somewhat unique law that requires high schools to register eligible students to vote at least twice a year? Yeah, me either. Apparently in their senior year of high school, these young students, by law, are to be given information and the appropriate forms in order to register to vote and according to information found on the Texas Civil Rights Project website, too few of our Texas high schools are doing that. It is the responsibility of the Texas Secretary of State, as the chief of elections officer, to enforce this law. Texas’s secretary of state is Secretary Rolando Pablos, just in case you were wondering. The Texas Civil Rights Project has released a new report that shows just how dismal the findings are with an easy to use interactive map included with the information that you can find here on their website. I encourage you to read through the info in its entirety but I have a very low attention span so I went ahead and pulled some info listed below in case you’re anything like me and reading a full paragraph takes longer than you’re willing to spend on finding the specific info you’re looking for. If you have a high school aged kiddo and the school they go do is on the list of schools that the report has found to not be in compliance with the law there are some things you can do to help.
These are the schools on the map that do not have a request for voter registration forms on file with the Secretary of State.
Permian High School, 1800 E 42nd St, Odessa, TX, Ector County.
George H. W. Bush New Tech Odessa, 300 E 29th St, Odessa TX, Ector County.
Richard Milburn Academy Odessa, 2419 N County Rd W. STE 100, Odessa TX, Ector County.
Odessa High School, 1301 N Dotsy, Odessa TX, Ector County.
Richard Milburn Academy Midland, 3303 W Illinois #14, Midland TX, Midland County.
Greenwood High School, 2700 FM 1379, Midland TX, Midland County.
Monahan’s High School, 809 S Betty St, Monahan’s TX, Ward County.
Wink High School, 200 N Rosey Dodd, Wink TX, Winkler County.
Kermit High School, 1000 E Tommy Thompson St, Kermit TX, Winkler County.
Forsan High School, 411 W 6th St, Forsan TX, Howard County.
Big Spring High School, 707 E 11th Pl, Big Spring TX, Howard County.

The following schools are high schools that are part of a district that requested voter registrations forms from the Secretary of State.
Midland High School, 906 W Illinois Ave, Midland TX, Midland County.
Viola M Coleman High School, 1600 E Golf Course Rd, Midland TX, Midland County.
Lee High School, 3500 Neely Ave, Midland TX, Midland County.
Early College High School at Midland College, 3600 N Garfield-Allison Fine Arts Bldg., Midland TX, Midland County.

These are the schools that requested voter registration forms from the Secretary of State.
Stanton High School, 706 Koonce St, Stanton TX, Martin County.
Andrews High School, 1400 NM Ave K, Andrews TX, Andrews County.

It’s up to the community to tell Secretary Pablos that it’s time to take action.



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