Ok, seriously I don’t give a damn about football.  I mean I’ve been bred to be a Cowboys fan and I’m fine with that since their colors look really cute on me but other than the obligatory sense of fandom for Da Boys, I just don’t care.


I’ve just never been into watching sports on TV.  I might get talked into to attending a game, but even then it was in the VIP box at Cowboys stadium in Dallas, and if I’m being honest it was only so, so.


The Olympics are pretty much the only “sport” type of thing I’ll watch willingly on television. Otherwise I’m bored out of my mind.


I went to a Super Bowl party just like most everyone else, but I only go for the food.  People really get in touch with their inner Jabba the Hutt at Super Bowl parties.  I love it! There was the customary queso, which was AFRIGGINMAZING! Some homemade Mac n Cheese, wings, drum sticks, badass bean and cheese dip and this ranch dip stuff with bacon and cheese in it  that had me standing next to it eating it like if I didn’t get all of it in my body I was gonna destroy mankind or something.


Wait, did I say I only watch the Super Bowl for the food at the party?  So that’s not really the only thing that gets me in a room with a football game on.  Back in the day the best part of the big game was the commercials…I can tell you my friends those days are officially OVER.  The commercials this year were so bad and so very, very boring.  I was really disappointed, that’s the only part of the game that keeps my focus.  Well, that and the halftime show that I somehow managed to completely miss!


You won’t believe this but I spilt beer on myself almost immediate after we got there and I got tired of smelling like the carpet of a club so I ran home to change and that’s more than likely when I missed the half time show.


Now I’m gonna have to find it on YouTube today but it’s just not the same.


Moral of the story?  There was a time when even if you didn’t like football you could still enjoy a Super Bowl party with the food and commercials that teetered on the edge of inappropriate for children and the chance of an accidental nipple slip…..but kids….that time has come and gone.

R.I.P. entertaining football parties.

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