What was the first band you can remember being absolutely and hopelessly obsessed with?

For me it was Metallica. I heard For Whom the Bell Tolls on their second album and I was done. There was no greater band as far as I was concerned and that obsession lasted pretty much the rest of my life. I had the box set, T shirts, videos, and any other merch I could get my hands on.

I quite literally owe the life I have to Metallica. Because of them, I started playing guitar, joined a band, played show after show for 10+ years straight, and eventually got into radio. Everything I have today began with a childhood obsession with a band that turned into a lifelong obsession with music. I've only seen them once live.


It was actually last year on Fathers Day weekend. My son kind of followed in my footsteps and became obsessed with a metal band at age 13 which lead him to begin playing guitar and bass. Avenged Sevenfold was his band. Ironically, Metallica and A7X toured with each other last year. It just so happened that they were in Dallas Fathers Day weekend. Thanks to Tawny, My son and I got to see the bands that made us want to be musicians, for the first time together on Fathers Day weekend. That is probably one of the most magical moments of my lifetime. I just don't see how I'm gonna be able to match that night.


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