With Valentine’s Day on the approach I just had to throw out my 2 cents on this horrible, ridiculously over promoted, heart breaking good for nothing holiday.  Why do we even call it a holiday in the first place?  This is the day that women get to judge how much their significant other cares about/loves them based on the grandiosness and or price tag of this day of false representations of affection.

Listen ladies, I get it, this day has been hyped up for so long now that it’s just engrained in most of your brains that if you’re man doesn’t throw down some sparkly shit and take you to wait for 3 hours to have a half ass meal at an overcrowded restaurant with pissed off stressed out employees that will more than likely deliver horrible service along with a free sampling of their DNA on your food then go to a movie in a theater that will be equally as crowed so you sit for 2 hours in a filthy, sticky chair in that new outfit you just had to have for this special night next to the worst movie going patron you can imagine with his hairy log sized arms all up in your personal space head back to your expectations of rose pedals on the bed, wine chilling in the fridge, and JESUS FRIGGIN CHRIST!!! Those god awful chocolates that taste like decade old cardboard and artificial sweeteners to top the evening off with not-so mind blowing sex that really is the same thing you had with this person last week but for some reason all the sudden this night makes what your about to do supposed to be an event of epic proportions that will leave you with curled toes, JBF hair and higher than humanly possible expectations….
Here is my take on this messed up, foolishly irresponsible, made up holiday that only develops unrealistic expectations for women and relationships harder for men.
If you love and care about someone you will do things for them because of that reason and that reason only.  You won’t wait until one single day of the year to try and use gifts and elaborate set ups to do so.  Number one, those things can happen any day of the year, you do understand that right?  Me personally, if I showed up to the whole rose pedals on the bed, wine chilling in the fridge scenario on, let’s say a Tuesday in March I’d be way more impressed than I would on Valentine’s day, I mean duh, I’m programed half way to be expecting that kind of generic tom foolery.
If I received flowers for no reason…and were not talking roses, yes ok roses are pretty but damn dude that’s so basic.  If you really want to empress a girl (not a BB cause the generic dozen red roses will work just fine for these simpletons), I mean you really wanna get to “Pimp” level with your chic, I suggest this…
You should already know what kind of flowers she likes and if you don’t you better start figuring it out, now I’m only making this suggestion for those of you who are just dead set on getting your girl flowers, this route isn’t for everyone.  My go-to suggestion is always to look for something that won’t die in 4 days, find her something she can take home, water and enjoy for as long as she takes care of it, kinda like your relationship. If you do decide to go traditional and send her flowers, like I said earlier, send her a bouquet of something that not every other woman is getting.  I’m not saying roses aren’t a beautiful and well received gesture, I’m just suggesting that you try to treat her like her she’s one of a kind.
Going out to dinner-NO…….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Don’t make this woman whom you claim to adore wait for hours to eat food that was prepared in mass quantities and or in haste, with no thought or love put into it whatsoever.  Just don’t.
Cooking for a woman is not only hot but it shows that you’re willing to put in the effort it takes to do so.
Movies?.....Geez I dunno, maybe if there is a movie that she’s been dying to see that comes out on Valentine’s Day, otherwise NOPE!
Men, the expressions of love that are associated with V-Day, flowers, sparkly things (I suppose), dinner, movies and mind blowing sex are things you can and should be doing for her (really each other) any time you friggin feel like it. You don’t have to wait to do any of those things; you can dote upon each other whenever the mood strikes, and if you truly love each other the mood will strike often.
A genuine expression of love doesn’t have to come with a price tag that will make you start thinking about selling your non-vital organs.  Sure, if you’re Rick James rich go out and buy your girl a G6 or a diamond that weighs as much as a baby.  However, if you’re not whipping your ass with Benjamin Franklins that just means you have to be more creative and do a little research.
In closing my personal opinion is not to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th, early or after, that way if you just have to use this useless made up holiday to prove your love through material possessions and purchases at least you won’t be sitting for hours to eat dinner.