Today I’m going to meet someone for the first time that most people spend half of their life with.  Someone I didn’t even know existed until a few years ago.

Today I’m going to meet my half brother.  It’s a very emotional thing to think about.  I wondered about this person all my life.  My parents never told me about him but I did manage to over hear a conversation at some point (at least that’s what I’m guessing) that put the thought in my head that somewhere out there in the world was someone who was an equal part of the same person I called Dad.  I remember worrying about a child that didn’t get Christmas presents, or birthday gifts or get to hunt Easter eggs…


My mom and dad several times had to take these “trips” and I would have to stay with my grama.....3 or 4 times one year they had to go for a few days somewhere…fun fact on one of these trips they stayed in a hotel on the beach down in Corpus Christi and from the balcony they saw someone get attacked by a shark….holy shit that’s prolly why I’m a skert of sharks…..Anyway, after the year they took so many trips they didn’t take any more trips like that without me.  (looking back I now know that these were trips for court hearings)


My dad was in one of those situations where the guy doesn’t find out about the possibility of having a child until well after that child is born….and even then for obvious reasons he wasn’t really even sure it was his…I mean it was the 70’s guys.  I found out for sure for the first time when my brother found me through believe or not Facebook.  He contacted me and said he wanted to meet me someday.  Then he got deployed to Iraq…..and I didn’t hear from him for years….I thought he was dead, or worse…he just forgot about me.  He didn’t forget about me, he’s going to be here in Midland tomorrow…and I’m going to meet him, his and his daughter.  I’m an Aunt.


After today it will be real….cause for me never having met him, it’s still not real.  I feel like were about to be on some surprise edition of a talk show or something.  I’ve wanted to meet this person for so long now, I honestly thought it would never happen.  I can’t wait.  Wish me luck!