There have been some great movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we've seen some amazing villains on the big screen. See who I think is the best! During the morning show, we got into a serious discussion about who we think were the best villains out there, overall. Since then, I've looked at my list a few times and broke it down into a few different categories because there are so many different villains out there with many different qualities. Here are my lists of the best of the worst Marvel villains.

Villains With No Redeeming qualities/Pure Evil Villains:
These are the villains who just don't care about anything. They seem to just want to watch the world burn, and cause the fire that makes it burn. They want to rule the world, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.
Hela-  The sister of Thor loves to destroy and conquer. She has no real redeeming qualities seen in her, other than that sweet wolf that she has.
Maria Stokes- This woman kills ruthlessly and mercilessly and after the diner incident in Little Jamaica she deserves what her daughter did to her.
Red Skull- This guy worked for Hitler so we know he's evil. Plus he got stuck on an icy mountain, so even the powers above know how evil he is.
Honourable Mention- Obadiah Stane. That guy was a total douche.
Villains Who You Relate To And Still Love:
Loki- Loves power but in the end loved his brother more
Killmonger- knows nothing of Wakanda royals other than they killed his father and left his people to suffer in the world while Wakandans prospered. Wants Africans all over the world to prosper.
Bushwacker- was treated cruelly by the Stokes and was denied his birthright of Bushmaster rum and half of the Stokes empire. Only came and fought for what was rightfully his after an attempt was made on his life in Jamaica.
Honourable Mentions- Vulture, Tony Stark, Winter Soldier, Helmut Zemo.

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