Pizza isn't my favorite, in fact there was a time, back in my fit and trim days, that even the thought of melted cheese and pepperoni made me sick. This is not that time.  Pizza still isn't my first pick when it comes to a meal however, I've grown rather fond of a well made pie.  The thing is I'm not sure everyone else understands what I mean by "well made". If I'm going to waste calories on food I shouldn't be eating it better be on point, for pizza that means the pizza sauce to cheese ratio to pepperoni ratio has to be perfect. I myself prefer extra, double cheese. Is there such thing as too much cheese? Well it looks like Pizza Hut decided not only to find out the answer to that question but to also inevitably find out how long someone can go without pooping....cause trust me, you eat a slice of this pizza and you're gonna be plugged up for a while.  Hopefully it's worth it, who's willing to find out?

Here's the link to possibly the cheesiest pizza on the planet!

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