Netflix’s day in court at the TCA press tour would seem the appropriate time to take a Stranger Things victory lap, and confirm that second season producers seem so eager to implement, so what’s the holdup? Netflix explains when Stranger Things might finally get to work on Season 2, while creators the Duffer brothers offer their thoughts.

Where many expected Netflix might take the opportunity of a captive press audience to confirm Stranger Things would return for Season 2, company head Ted Sarandos noted that they’d need time to consider the surprising bloom of their newest original series:

We always want to take some time to be thoughtful about the process. When we first come out of the gate with something, we have an idea where it’s going to go but it’s sensible for us to let the show breathe. People are falling in love with it, let’s focus on season one.

That said, later in the day saw co-creator Matt Duffer reaffirming the brothers’ interest in a second season, whenever Netflix shows them the greenlight:

We wanted [Season 1] to feel like a big movie, so we wanted to resolve that main tension of where Will went and what happened to him. But there’s a bigger mythology behind what happened, and there’s a lot of dangling trends at the end. So it’s open-ended in a way that if people wanted it and if Netflix wanted it, we could explore it and continue this storyline.

We’re only a few weeks past the official premiere, leaving it unclear when Netflix might declare their intent for a second year, but us there any hope of Stranger Things returning around this point in 2017?

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