Ok there are a lot of "NATIONAL" days, personally I believe that most are completely made up but made up or not why not have a day devoted to the glory that is the chicken finger!

I think that if we look close enough to all of the "NATIONAL" days and looked at how many of them were food related I bet that we could spend a good portion of our year eating for free!

Since it's Nations Chicken Finger Day I wonder how many chicken restaurants are giving away free of discounted chicken fingers?  I say we find out and do right buy our community by naming every location that will give out at least one chicken finger.

I'm thinking that how much could it cost these chicken places to give away one chicken finger to every person that visits their restaurant and if they did how many chicken fingers do you think they would sell in addition to the one free one.

So let's get out there and celebrate our right to enjoy chicken fingers during this National Chicken Finger Day