Ok like every great fad or phase I think the Pokémon GO is over!  Has it effected me in any way, NO has it made thing more difficult for my way of life, NO, do I have an irrational irritation for it, YES!

I get it, it gets kids out of the house it makes families do things together but is this really what we needed to get kids out of the house or help families bond as a unit?  Can we just make our kids go outside and play?  Maybe as a family we could plan a trip, maybe just go to the park and not search for pokemon, maybe we feed the ducks?

All this sounds so novel doesn't it.  Your kids will be safe playing in the back yard, if they know how?  there is a whole generation that needs to be entertained and I am sad to say it but it's my generation who have made the kids like this, it's very sad.

So do I have a problem per say with Pokémon Go, NO, I have video games I get it but let's not celebrate the fact that this is the only way to get your kids outside