Malls have been struggling for awhile now. With online shopping, people don't feel the need to go out to shop as much as they used to. And if you're young, you need to go watch Mallrats. It shows just how amazing malls can be. "I LOVE the smell of commerce in the morning!"

There is some hope for malls though, as stores like Hot Topic are actually thriving. But that might not be enough to save the malls.

So here is my idea for what should be done with the malls. Here are the problems that we have that can be put together.

  • Malls losing stores and becoming empty
  • Overpopulation
  • The skyrocketing cost of rent
  • Running out of land to build houses and apartment complexes

The first problem can solve the other three. You already have a structure built. Just remodel the malls to living spaces. You can even leave some of the stores.

What's one of the big trends right now? Having communities that are all inclusive. You have the stores you need and want within walking distance of your house. All you have go do is convert some of the mall to apartments.

The only difference between converting a mall to be comparable to these all-in-one communities is that with the mall, at least you have ample parking.

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