The dark, theatrical art project and hard rock outfit September Mourning are making their way back to the Sun City in just a couple months! A couple years ago, we had the beautiful human-reaper hybrid September and her band in the studio to talk about their band, September Mourning. But September Mourning is more than just a band, it's a huge mythology that includes music, comic books, posters artwork and more. From the moment you see September onstage, with her flowing ice-white hair and porcelain makeup, you know you're in for more than an ordinary concert. September Mourning give you a theatrical experience that transports fans to a different world that blends human life with fate, and a battle to give some a second chance. We were lucky to have them perform some songs for us right here in the KLAQ studios for some lucky listeners, and the band has performed before at Tricky Falls, opening up for Marilyn Manson and now they'll be coming to the intimate Perch located upstairs. September Mourning will be at The Perch, located above Tricky Falls on Tuesday, September 11th. The details for this show are still being released so we will bring them to you as soon as we have them!

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