This weekend I did something I never thought I would do.  It felt dirty. As much as I wish I could say I was forced into it, I wasn't.  The worst part? I kinda liked it.  I'll probably do it again. This weekend in the privacy of my own home, I played Magic The Gathering with my fiancé....and I like it.  I'll probably play soon as I get home! Seriously though, I always thought of these kinds of games as lame but all they are really is complicated poker with better pictures on the cards than just numbers and, depending on where you get your deck from, naked ladies on the back.  We stopped by to say hello to our good friend David at Patriot Games in Odessa and ended up buying a set.  They have all kinds of sets to choose from, we went with the smaller, basic $19.99 set.  I'm told you can get ad many as three decks out of it. All I know is we played and even though I totally expected to hate it and never want to play again, I actually found it pretty interesting, especially since I won, twice. If Magic is your jam I hear Patriot Games is having a tournament August 25th.

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