Screenshot of Amir Shadyak
Screenshot of Amir Shadyak

I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering 2020 is just the worst year ever but still... So am understanding this correctly? Doing a good deed, being a good samaritan, helping others, these are all things that are not only frowned upon but also punished now? A 20 year old Vermont grocery store worker (and volunteer fire fighter) was just recently fired from his job. He wasn't stealing or coming to work late or preforming poorly on the job though, in fact he was just recently named employee of the month.  He was at work one day and a costumer told him that someone just stole an old ladies purse. He looked out into the parking lot and happen to see a man with a purse running across the parking lot. He did what any good samaritan would do, he chased him down. The worker Amir Shedyak, did in fact catch up to the thief, was able to get the purse back from and tried to hold him until authorities arrived but was able to get away from Amir. Don't worry the thief, Adrian Moore,  was tracked down later and arrested for larceny.  Shortly after the act of kindness the grocery store fired Amir. The store he was fired from, to the Hannaford there in Essex has declined to comment on the issue saying "We do not comment on personal matters" when questioned by You can watch the interview with Amir at the link for Personally I don't understand why the store would fire an employee for being a good samaritan. Yes, I realize they are likely following company guidelines regarding liability issues that go along with an employee becoming involved in a potentially dangerous situation, I just don't think it's right and it feels like it sends the message to people that doing something good or helping someone out in need is a bad thing. I'm all for letters of protest if nothing else to send a message to the company that there are those who strongly disagree with their decision. You can write the store a letter of protest/disagreement at

Essex Junction Hannaford

21A Essex Way

Essex Junction, VT 05452

I'm not saying to write them anything mean, as in hate mail, absolutely not. I'm just saying it might do the company some good to know that their decision to fire a good employee for doing the right thing in such a turbulent economy with so much job insecurity was irresponsible and just plain heartless. Don't worry about Amir though, he's already found a new job.

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