Scientists from the University of Sussex think that people who drink heavily have a harder time empathizing with others. They demonstrate that the brains of binge drinkers put more effort into feeling empathy for other people as compared to the brains of people who do not binge drink, according to a study.  In this study, binge drinking (as they see it) is drinking more than 60 grams of pure alcohol during a single sitting at least once in the past 30 days. That’s about three-quarters of one bottle of wine, or 2.5 pints of lager. So I guess alcoholics don't fall into this category since we drink every day and normally way more than that....did I say we?  Anyway, apparently binge drinkers have a harder time empathizing with others and considering we've all been consuming way more alcohol since March are they saying we've gotten a little meaner? Honestly I've experienced the opposite. Seems to me people have been far more understanding in the last few months but what do I know?!

The full article is actually way more informative and you can read it at

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