Do not mess with Body Count! That is one message that should be evident after hearing their Bloodlust album, but just in case you need a reminder, the band provides it in animated form with "The Ski Mask Way" video.

The band teamed up with renowned graphic artist Tommy Ruffin to create the animated clip which looks like something out of a hyper-violent video game. In the clip, we see a masked perpetrator pulling off one violent crime after another while collecting cash along the way.

"I gotta get paid / The ski mask way," belts Ice-T in the song, which actually provides a deeper message that those who flash their cash make themselves a target. "We might come visit you," the song states with examples toward the end of the track.

Body Count definitely voice their opinion on a number of socially themed topics on the Bloodlust album. “Bloodlust was made during these last three years of wildness that has happened on earth,” Ice explains. "The primaries, the elections… all the madness that has happened in the United States. It was impossible to make a happy record. I’ve lived through Bush, I’ve lived through Clinton, I’ve lived through Obama, even Reagan. I’ve never felt this tense.”

He went on to tell us, "“Racism is real, but there’s also a class situation that’s going on out here where, like I say, if a cop is in a gated community, he ain’t got his hand on his gun because he knows there’s repercussions. When he’s in a poor neighborhood, whether it’s in the trailer park or my neighborhood where I grew up, they’re quicker because there’s no repercussions.”

Bloodlust is the band's sixth studio album and was released at the end of March. You can pick up a copy here. Look for Body Count on tour in Australia next month. Date and ticketing info can be found here.

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