We know that cell phones can be used anywhere, but please don't take that literally.

Video of a woman walking against traffic on Houston's I-45 while on her phone has gone viral because she's WALKING AGAINST TRAFFIC ON HOUSTON'S I-45 WHILE ON HER PHONE!!! We don't have a PhD in cell phone studies, but we know that's about half a step behind using the freeway to play real-life Frogger.

"She didn't have (a) care in the world," Juan Coronado, the man who recorded the video, told KPRC. "A hundred cars pretty much stopped in an instant."

Officers responded to a flood of 911 calls, but the woman had disappeared by the time they got there. Perhaps she was using the phone to order an Uber?

It's not clear why she was walking along the roadway. And you know what? It may be better that we never find out.

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