Yes, a Chicago based bank has bought Whataburger. Which of course has Texans up in arms. Why?

Who is to say this new company doesn't find a way to save a few pennies per burger by reducing the amount of green chile you get on it. Or maybe they find a cheaper way to make spicy ketchup, so the change the recipe.

Yes, I know. There are endless terrifying possibilities. But rather than just sit there and accept this potential fate, you can do something.

You can sign the petition to get HEB to buy Whataburger. Just CLICK HERE to make your way to the petition. And yes, there is more than one petition to get this to happen. If you'd like you can SIGN THIS ONE TOO.

Is this actually going to get HEB to buy Whataburger? Not unless you can somehow show a full report of how HEB could make money by purchasing HEB. But at least it'll feel like you're doing something positive.

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