Sick Puppies hit the Big Apple while headlining the HardDrive Live 2016 tour and they rocked New York City’s Gramercy Theater. With 15 years of music the band is celebrating the release of their forthcoming album Fury.

It's a big trek for Sick Puppies as it's the first tour with their brand new singer-guitarist Bryan Scott, who definitely did justice to the band’s music both old and new. Fury will mark his first album with the band and new tunes like the single “Stick to Your Guns” and “Black and Blue” were cranked out during the set. Along with bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin, the band also played fan favorites like “Cancer,” “Odd One,” War” and “My World,” just to name a few.

While some fans may miss original frontman Shim Moore, they shouldn’t. Sick Puppies are back and revitalized with a new power and strength. The three-piece ended the night on a high note with a rendition of Rage Against the Machine “Guerrilla Radio” and a rousing performance of their own smash hit “You’re Going Down.” The band has tour dates lined up into July. Click here to see their current itinerary.

Red Sun Rising performed beforehand and just may be one of the best up-and-coming rock bands out there today. Not only does each member of the band look like they should be a member of the Knight’s Watch (yes, a Game of Thrones reference) but they're quite talented, as well -- whether they’re switching off instruments or cranking out infectious tunes like their No. 1 hits "The Otherside" and "Emotionless" from their album Polyester Zeal. Although singer Mike Protich’s voice may have a Layne Staley vibe, the band is far from a carbon copy of Alice in Chains. Don’t be surprised if Red Sun Rising continue topping the rock charts for years to come, as their live performance, energy and music are completely contagious.

Stitched Up Heart hit the stage earlier in the night, and we only wish their set was a bit longer. With a unique mix of jazz, metal and rock, Stitched Up Heart, led by their fearless frontwoman Mixi, are a gem that won’t that stay hidden for long. They performed tunes from their new upcoming album Never Alone. Groovy L.A. band Hudson included and New York City’s own rock act The Things They Carried opened the show.

Check out photos of Sick Puppies, Red Sun Rising and Stitched Up Heart in our photo gallery above!

Watch Sick Puppies' "Stick To Your Guns" Lyric Video