This episode of Rockstar 101 is a bit different. If you've listened to the Buzz Adams Morning Show at all over the past week, you'll know I damn near lost my voice completely. This made it pretty much impossible to record a new episode with Shim.

So I have a special surprise for the most recent episode. It's the interview I did with Shim back in August of 2018. Which is actually the first time Shim and I met. And it didn't start out well. Equipment wasn't working, Shim was running late, all kinds of stuff that don't make for a good interview. But, we got by all of that and had a great time with Shim.

So here you go, this is where it all started. You can get Rockstar 101 wherever you get your podcasts. It's available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, etc.

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