Shim Moore, formerly of Sick Puppies, has a solo album that's ready to be released and he stopped by to talk to us.

His first solo album will be called "Shim" and will be in stores on September 14th.

Shim played some of the new album for me and there's one song that I bet will be talked about a lot. It most likely won't be a single, but it will be the last song on the album.

When I was talking to him about the song he told a story about being at an Imagine Dragons concert and how after every third song or so, Dan Reynolds would get on the mic and talk about how the show and the music was all about getting through the bad stuff in life, etc. And, while Shim enjoys Imagine Dragons, he thought to himself "well, what about while you're going through those bad times?"

So he wrote a song about that, and it is deep. Really deep. And I can't wait to see everyone's reaction to that song.

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