I am the first one to admit I am morbidly fascinated with videos where a foreign object is removed from ears, eyes almost any crevice on the human body. And as a mother of 3, I have removed a toy or 2 from the nose and ears of each of my children. lol The funniest was some sort of little round yogurt snack from my middle child's nostril. I don't think they even exist anymore. Maybe for that reason? Who knows?

For that very reason I just had to share the story that has gone viral of an eye clinic in California of not just one object, but objects being removed from a woman's eye.


Now as a former contact lens wearer I'm going to stop right here. Other than contacts, there should be NOTHING else in a person's eyeball, so I am already freaked out as to what this 'foreign object' may be. Can you handle this?

Apparently, that is exactly what Dr. Katerina Kurteeva with California Eye Clinic removed. Contacts! And not just 1,2,3,4 or even 5 because we wouldn't even be talking about and fascinated with this.

Dr. Kurteeva removed 23 contact lenses from this woman's eye! *faints* According to Dr. Kurteeva,

The patient apparently kept putting a new contact lens in their eye for 23 days in a row without taking out the others.

I'm speechless. Photos of the actual removal and aftermath were posted on the eye clinic's social media to warn contact lens wearers what not to do! It is safe to assume this was this poor woman's first time wearing contacts and she was unaware of how the whole process worked. Here are the photos:

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