Septicflesh's newest slab of brutish death metal and haunting orchestration is upon is in the form of Codex Omega. The band's unparalleled blend of the two styles has been further intensified with the music video for one of the album's most dynamic songs, "Portrait of a Headless Man."

The track opens with brooding symphonic elements as chugging guitar work creeps in, building the tension before Septicflesh slow it down to a crawl. The band's members perform while attached to numerous houses from behind and we get more information about the significance of these tubes as the video plays out. The feature character, a bald man with rebellious intentions, appears skeptical of the floating head barking out information on a suspended screen in front of other detainees.

The bald man begins following the labyrinthine maze of hoses to their source, dislodging one of them, which sends what appears to be blood flowing out from the now open portal. This move spells doom for the detached head, which is drenched in the sanguine liquid.

"We are proud to present to you the video clip for our song 'Portrait of a Headless Man.' Is it a dystopian artistic trip or something happening right now? In any case it represents perfectly the aesthetics and dark atmosphere of our new album Codex Omega. Push play and connect...," commented the band.

Grab your copy of Septicflesh's Codex Omega here and be on the lookout for tour dates as the band is expected to hit the road in support of this latest release.

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