According to the Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse Online Bulletin, there have been 16 people/children go missing in just the last three months. One of which happens to have gone missing from a town less than an hour from where I live.  I’ve never been able to wrap my head around how a person can just go missing.  Aside from the worst possible scenario obviously being something unfortunate and unforeseen happening resulting in that person losing their lives.  I’m talking about people who are alive and well just missing.  How? Especially in this day and age with digital technology, surveillance cameras everywhere and generally nosey people everywhere you look.

Christopher Lynn Sanders is the man that went missing just two weeks ago from a town less than an hour away from where I live.  Heck, I have family that live there.  I saw on a recent Facebook post relating to Mr. Sanders that someone say someone resembling him talking on a cell phone plugged into the wall at Walmart.  Maybe I watch too many movies but Walmart should be able to pull the surveillance footage from that day to at least try to determine if it was him or not. Monahans is not that big of a town, surely someone has seen or has information as to his whereabouts.  It says he may need medical care so the faster we can find him the better. Also, keep in mind as you look through the names and info that these are ALL MISSING people.  I personally do not believe in the classification of children as runaways.  That way of classifying a child who is missing should be done away with forever. Missing is missing.

Below is the list of the 16 missing people/children that have gone missing from the state of Texas in the last three months.  You can visit the website

For more information and to report any information you may have regarding any of these cases.

Since I realize many people who read this are from the same area I’m from, if you’re in Monahans and you have any information regarding Christopher Lynn Sanders please contact DPS at (512)424-5074

Christopher was last seen in Monahans on August 1th wearing a black hat, a black shirt with the letters “TCU”, blue jeans, and boots.  He is described as having blue eyes, blonde hair, his height is 5’ 09” and weighs 210 pounds.

DPS says Sanders has multiple tattoos, one on his left forearm of diamond and clubs with flames, one of spades and hearts with flames on his right forearm, a monkey, an eye ball, mushrooms and aliens on his chest and stomach, and a yin-yang symbol on one of his legs.


Rosan J. Angulo-Last seen in Houston (Harris County) on 6/1/2017 DOB: 11/23/1961 Case Number M1707004

Rajenaih Appling-Last seen in Porter (Montgomery County) on 7/24/2017 DOB: 4/5/2001 Case Number R1708005

Beyonce Island Barrera-Last seen in Georgetown (Williamson County) on 8/4/2017 DOB: 4/10/2001 Case Number R1708002

Eric Castillo-Last seen-Unknown-on 6/12/2017 DOB: 6/23/1979 Case Number M1707005

Cheyenne Alyssa Davies-Last seen in Leander (Williamson County) on 7/29/2017 DOB: 7/2/2001 Case Number R1808001

Allison J. Dickey-Last seen in Allison (Wheeler County) on 7/23/2017 DOB: 4/2/2002 Case Number R1707006

McKenna Dianne Foster-Last seen in Austin (Travis County) on 7/12/2017 DOB: 3/31/2000 Case Number R1707004

Linda Haas-Last seen in Houston (Harris County) on 6/5/2017 DOB: 7/10/1947 Case Number M1707009

Summer Johnson-Last seen in Houston (Harris County) on 8/25/2017 DOB: 9/9/2002 Case Number R1708007

No Picture Available


Debra Delane Killian-Last seen in Nederland (Jefferson County) on 7/21/2017 DOB: 6/10/1953 Case Number M1708001

Daryoush Ashkon Papari-Last seen in Plano (Collin County) on 7/14/2017 DOB: 6/16/1990 Case Number M1707008

Christopher Lynn Sanders-Last seen in Monahans (Ward County) on 8/13/2017 DOB: 7/10/1977 Case Number M1708007

Douglas Michael Vandyk-Last seen in Burleson (Johnson County) on 8/21/2017 DOB: 4/27/1981 Case Number M1708009

No Picture Available


Precious Yuvienco-Last seen in Willis (Montgomery County) on 6/25/2017 DOB: 9/8/1999 Case Number R1708006

No Picture Available


Vincent Zamora-Last seen in Leander (Williamson County) on 8/23/2017 DOB: 8/15/2002 Case Number R1708006

Jon Zarzosa-Last seen in San Antonio (Bexar County) on 6/8/2017 DOB: 6/27/2000 Case Number R1706011

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