After the news broke that there was a Tremors tv series in production starring Kevin Bacon, we were intrigued. Now, after seeing the trailer we want it! Back in 2003, Scyfy attempted a shortlived tv show but thankfully gave up on it until now. The earlier tv show was missing the ingredients for perfection- Kevin Bacon's Valentine McKee and Fred Ward's Earl Bassett but they weren't making that mistake twice. The second tv series was going to star both men, and was in production. Fans were excited but last month Kevin Bacon made the shocking announcement that SyFy had passed on the monster horror series.


This decision left many scratching their heads trying to figure out how such a magical moment when two stars of an original agree to return to their iconic roles can be left in the dust- or sand. If that wasn't enough of a reason to think that someone should attempt to bring the idea of the series back to life, the trailer than hit the internet. And fans went wild. The footage shows a television series full of promise, not only from the great cast of actors but also from the new and improved graboids. Which is WAY more than we can say about the Sharknado franchise. As a whole. If you can let such dumpster fires like that and Dinocroc, Ice Spiders, Mongolian Death Worm, Piranhaconda and even Mansquito happen, give us Tremors.

Lucky for fans of the original cult classic, a peititon online sees fans begging for Netflix to swoop in and save the day. Netflix have been releasing an intense amoun t of original content lately and a Tremor tv series seems right up their alley, especially after the success of the Ash vs. Evil Dead show. No word back yet from Netflix, but fans are still waiting, praying, hoping, begging, crying and basically doing whatever to try and find a way to have this series see the light of day. Check out the amazing trailer in the video above. What do you think? Would you watch a Tremors tv series starring Kevin Bacon? I know I would.

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