Our first D&D session with our rag tag group of characters is in the books. Unfortunately, right now the video isn't available on YouTube or Facebook because we had some issues getting it up and saved. Thankfully, it shouldn't be an issue in the future. But for now, here is a quick synopsis of what happened.

  • The group grabbed some flyers and went in search of missing children and also signed up as security for a gala that will be coming up at the end of the week.
  • In the process of looking for the missing children, we ran into a man by the name of Soggy Britches, who works for an ogre named Buzz, who runs a group called the KLAQ.
  • Buzz has lost his teeth and we need to find them.
  • We locate the teeth have been stolen by someone named Wizbone, and end up in a battle at an old, run down Chuck-E-Cheese.
  • After defeating Wizbone and his Chookee robot, we end up back at a carnival that's in town where one of the kids have gone missing.
  • While there, we find out the missing child was taken away by a ghostly woman, who pops up even while we're there.
  • After saving the man running the ring toss from being taken by the ghostly woman, we decide to head over to UTEP to do some research. And that's where episode one ends.

After the first episode, it was time to level up our characters. Here is what we did with the human wizard, Bas Gobhar.

  • Hit points increased to 12
  • Arcane tradition - evocation
  • Spells already known:
    • Mage Armor
    • Shield
    • Magic Missle
    • Thunderwave
    • Alarm
    • Fog Cloud
  • Spells gained at level 2:
    • Disguise Self
    • Find Familiar

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