The three things I love most about the holidays are time off, family and Scott Stappmas. Actually, let me change the order slightly. My favorite things about the holidays are, in THIS order, time off, Scott Stappmas and family. No. On second thought, let’s make it Scott Stappmas first, time off second and family third. A distant third.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, we’ve got some brand new Christmas songs done in the inimitable style of former Creed lead singer, Scott Stapp.

My thanks and admiration to Chris Cruise of Townsquare Media Boise.

Sometimes, Scott Stapp is joined by guest vocalists. In this next video, it’s a visit from the ghost of Meth-mas Past, Scott Wieland. Fun fact: Scott Stapp and Scott Weiland have many things in common. They’re both named “Scott”. They’ve both been the lead singer for the band Art of Anarchy. Scott Weiland died of an overdose…Scott Stapp tried his best to die from an overdose but failed. Merry Stappmas, everybody!

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