There’s been a lot of activity in the sky over Central Texas here lately.

Less than two weeks ago, a video surfaced of strange lights that appeared in the sky over Round Rock. Many people were quick to dismiss the lights as being nothing more than advanced laser technology or drones. While that can certainly be the case, I can’t help but be fascinated by any sort of UFO sighting.

So, of course, I was quick to jump on the story of yet another group of lights that was spotted in the area recently.

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Last night, several videos of a line of lights in the sky over Leander started making the rounds online. Unlike the video that was captured earlier this month, I think you can more easily explain these lights.

Some people are saying the lights are most likely drones, my best guess is that it is a group of SpaceX Starlink satellites. I’ve witnessed them myself right here in Wichita Falls on several occasions, but they were never that closely grouped. One person commenting on Twitter says the video was captured before the group separated, which makes sense.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a cool sight to see. You can check to see the next time Starlink satellites will be visible in your area at this location.

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