We had Whataburger on the show today and we got on the topic of Whataburger being in Mexico. Apparently Whataburger did have an official location in Juarez. That's at least according to dozens of callers and people sending us messages on Facebook.

I did take a phone call during the discussion from someone giving me a heads up about Burger Boy.

I'm not exactly sure about the details on Burger Boy, but here is what the caller said:

  • Burger Boy was bought by Whataburger back in the 80s
  • Burger Boy was damn good burgers, but couldn't compete with the likes of McDonalds or the bigger burger chains that were making their way into Mexico.
  • And Salma Hayek's first ever TV appearance was for a Burger Boy commercial.

I have no idea if any of that is true, but I do know I found a Burger Boy commercial with Salma Hayek in it.

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