Hello, my name is Tawny. I’m not confrontational or very competitive and I don’t care, nor do I know much about politics or current controversial issues. Those of you who know me already know that. Those of you who know Doc know that he is quite the opposite. His posts on Facebook are going to be the ones that you can find the pages and pages of back and forth fighting and arguing on subjects that garner a great deal of controversy and heated opinions. My posts on Facebook are going to be the ones that you find the pages and pages of back and forth conversations and sharing of information on serial killers, unsolved murders, missing persons, unicorns, anything pink, shiny and glittery and occasionally videos of food like nachos. You’re just not going to find any in-depth examinations on the effects of socialism or the pros and cons of free health care. First of all, I don’t even know what socialism is, I figured I should go ahead and come clean about that. I just used that word because it sounded like something Doc would have an opinion on. As far as free health care goes I have no idea if that’s even a controversial issue or not or what relevance, if any, it has on anything going on right now in the world. What I’m trying to say is that I like to spend my time and thoughts on things that I know about and understand. If you want to get into an argument about who the most psychologically interesting serial killer is or whether or not head injuries early in life directly play a role in the development of said serial killers, I’m your gal, all day er day. Today, however, after reading something in the news I have to go to a place I’m not comfortable being. I have to ask a question about something I know next to nothing about regarding a subject I suspect may be a little controversial for many. I have to though. I have a young kiddo so it’s important. Today I read that the first suspected case of the Measles was found in Ector County. Measles were officially declared eliminated in the US in 2000 and now there’s a suspected case right here in Odessa, Texas. What the hell guys? I’m not going to pretend to know enough about the whole vaccination issue to be able to say anything about it but I’m going to anyway. GET YOUR KIDS VACINATED!!!! And please don’t pipe in with blaming it on illegal immigrants and throwing around the word “wall” (apparently that word really pisses people off). I could be wrong, and I often am, but haven’t there always been immigrants coming to the US? Legally or not there have and there’s not be an issue with these, thought to be long gone, diseases until recently. Again, I could be wrong, but isn’t it also fairly recent that some parents are straight up raising children who have never been vaccinated for anything….ever?!? I’m posting this today to ask for some info and opinions. Not just “Vaccinations suck!” or “#Vaccinations for life!”. I want your reason for whichever you think is the right way.

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