Ronda Rousey's MMA career came to a whimpering end back in December of 2016. She was the highest profile athlete in the sport and looked unstoppable. That all ended after two straight horrible losses where Rousey looked out of her league. It wasn't quite a Tiger-esque fall from grace, but it was certainly drastic for someone who looked so unbeatable to get her ass handed to her so easily.

So what do you do if you can't compete in MMA anymore? You join WWE of course. Look, I'm not knocking WWE, but Rousey has always bothered me. Especially when she wanted to talk so much s*** when she was on top, but became such a cry baby when she lost.

But anyway, Rousey has joined the WWE.

And another former UFC champion may have forgotten he wasn't supposed to actually hit someone. But to be fair, he did take a knee right to the head first.

So of course he retaliated with a punch to the head.


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