If you could only pick one of the Big 4 of Grunge, who would it be? This was the question I presented to Shim in the latest episode of Rockstar 101. He had a couple points that prefaced his answer:

  1. Why not include Stone Temple Pilots? (Answer - They weren't one of the original Seattle grunge bands. They formed in San Diego)
  2. Alice In Chains never made it big down in Australia. Yes, they'll play Man in the Box and Rooster on the radio, but that's about it.

We transition from this conversation to talking about rock biopics we'd love to see, and one that I really, really want is a movie about the grunge movement. How it began going into the Big 4 becoming the biggest thing in the United States.

This gets us onto the topic of Shim not wanting to watch biopics right now because it's tough for him to watch the scene when a producer jobs the artist for the rights to all their music.

And it all wraps up with a lesson from Shim about what to do when you're signing that first big contract.

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