More and more teams are cutting back on their practices that are open to the public. Not the Dallas Cowboys. They continue to be one of the most accessible teams when it comes to practices.

The Cowboys have two training camp sites. This will be the 8th consecutive year and 13th overall the Cowboys will be going Oxnard, where they will have 15 open practices.

The team will head to California on July 25th, and the first practice will be on the 27th. The final practice in Oxnard will be August 15th. After that, they head to Hawaii for a preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams.

After that the Cowboys will open practice in their indoor facility in Frisco.

The Cowboys haven't announced their training camp schedule yet, but it's expected to follow a similar schedule as last year, when they had 5 open practices at the Frisco facility.

This would give the Cowboys 20 open practices, which would be 19 more than the Philadelphia Eagles.

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