Ah, road rage in Texas.

If you've ever been the recipient of road rage on any level, you know how terrifying it can be.

Or alternatively how infuriating... I guess that depends on your own state of mind at the time of the incident.

Driving, especially on freeways and in busy areas, can be extremely frustrating. And if you're running late to work, trying to get somewhere in the case of an emergency, OR you've just HAD it and are ready to get the heck where you're going--well, it can be NEXT LEVEL hellish.

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As frustrating as it can be, it's never worth it to surrender to rage. But it happens nonetheless.

Here's an example of a particularly dangerous episode of road rage that we procured from Harris County Constable of Precinct 5, Ted Heap.

In the video, you'll see the driver of the silver Saturn SUV pull in front of a delivery truck and come to a complete STOP in the middle of the busy freeway. He gets out of the car and walks to the window of the truck where he then proceeds to take a swing at the driver.


Truly terrifying. And of course, we definitely see our share of road rage here in East Texas. However, this is one of the most extreme examples I've personally seen.

Here's the video in full:


Have you had an experience with road rage in East Texas you'd like to tell us about? Feel free to reach out to tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com. 

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