Dogs may be man's best friend but they can be hard to travel with, especially at airports. But lucky for Texas, 3 airports make the list of best for your pooch. Airports can be busy, congested, confusing and an all-around nightmare for travelers. From long security checkpoint lines, having to check in your bags or carry them around the airport with you, dashing between gates to make the connecting flights, you'll be faced with many stressful airport hassles during travel. If you're traveling with a pet or service animal, the pressure can be even worse. If an airport is properly equipped to handle your cuddly companion, it can make the experience much easier. The website Upgraded Points looked at airports across the United States to see which airports were the best spots while you're traveling with your dogs. Lucky for Texans, there are three of our airports that make the list for the most pet-friendly in the nation.

The Dallas-Fortworth International Airport scored 6.75 out of 10 has four different pet relief areas for dogs and service animals after passing through security. Before you head through security, there are multiple spots on the lower concourse where pets can go outside before security and do their business. Located near the airport is also a pet resort where you can lodge your pet while you're traveling or if you need to stay at the airport overnight. They're also open 24/7 so you can drop off your pet or pick them up, even if you're making a red-eye flight.

The Dallas Love Field Airport scored 7.25 out of 10 according to the website and we can see why when looking at their Pet Park. The area has plenty of room for a dog to run, go pee and play with other pooches. There is also another, smaller, pet relief area on the lower level of the airport.

The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport scored a 7.57 out of 10 and this airport is pretty pooch-friendly. They have a landscaped and lighted "Dog Walk," where your dog can do his business and grab a drink from the pet drinking fountain. There are also complimentary dog poop bags and waste receptacles to throw them away in. The Dog Walk area is located before the security checkpoint, but also post-security there is an outdoor patio where dogs can do their business. The Austin airport also hosts events where they bring in therapy dogs so people can hug and pet a good doggie on their way to their destination.

Check out the other airports that made the top ten at the Ungraded Points website.

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